Wide range of indoor teambuildings with Event Masters

18th of December, 2017

The last months of 2017, our Team Building department is extremely busy. While in this period last year, it was rather calm, today that's a whole other story. But we can give you a good explanation.

The last few years, Event Masters has put a lot of effort in coming up with indoor team building concepts. When planning the annual team building, you often think about a physical activity in spring or summer with the sun shining on your face. But what if you can't find an appropriate date? Or what if these months are too busy to plan a team building? We have dozens of new and unique indoor team buildings to offer. And that's an important development!

More and more, we see indoor teambuildings as a new trend that's coming up. Companies want to end the year in style with a fun activity. Or begin the new year with a nice team building, because for January, the planning is well filled. New team buildings include virtual reality games, musical concepts and entertrainings, but the most popular team building of this month is 'Beat the Box'. A mobile, non-exhaustive escape room. Each team must try to crack the code within 90 minutes. Excitement guaranteed!

Organizing a Team building in any season? No problem! Feel free to contact the Masters or don't hesitate to stop by!

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